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Link Building - Watchout for the Traps

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Watch Out for sites exchanging links on orphan pages.

Over a period of time I have noticed a growing trend of sites offering reciprocal links from orphan pages. Orphan pages are typically those pages that do not have any link from the sites home page or sub pages. Link masters may be quite content with having attained a reciprocal link from a high ranking or a high PR site; but be mindful of the fact that links on such pages are unlikely to be indexed by the search engines and therefore are not likely to improve your link popularity.

Why do people do this?

What benefit does this provide? Well its pretty much evident. They get links on your site while providing a reciprocal link that is never to be found. They get inbound traffic from your site but are not ready to loose traffic from their site. They unfairly improve incoming to outgoing link ratio. This ratio is considered important on some search engines thus they improve their search engine ranking.

How to avoid falling into the trap?

Most existing reciprocal link software do not recognize this status. The best way to determine this anomaly is to physically visit the website and determine that the link is being provided from a linked page (Preferably not more that 2 links deep). Verify that it is not on an orphan page.

Google page ranking may also be used to determine this fact. However, since Google page rank updates are very infrequent; therefore, it is not the best means of determining whether the webmaster has actually removed a link to that page.

Watch out for the trap!!

At All Web Sols, we verify all links before providing a reciprocal link.

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